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Welcome to Roger Knauss Insurance & Investments

Roger Knauss Insurance and Investments was started on March 1, 1980 by its present owner and founder Roger Knauss. With only two years experience at the time, Mr. Knauss went door to door to build up the agency. As of March 1, 2012 the agency became a third of a century old.
The agency has a full complement of products from which to choose, including, but not limited to, the following: homeowners, auto, motorcycle, life, health, ATV, snowmobile, business, dwelling, church, bonds, boat and specialty products such as onetime events-- like hole in one insurance or running events (see next page for a more details).
There are multiplicities of discounts available, as well, for those who qualify such as: good student, long distant student, anti theft alarm, good credit, accident free, age specific, multi policy and company specific discounts such as “snap shot” and “non drinker” discounts.
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